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Solving 8 Painful Website Problems: Unleashing the Power of Custom-Coded Websites

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    As a freelance web designer and developer, I’m passionate about crafting unique websites from scratch. In a world where website builders find ways to make creating a site way more simple and more accessible, I believe that custom coding is the key to solving some of the most painful problems faced by clients.

    In this article, I’ll take you on a journey through the value of custom-coded websites and how they address the specific needs and challenges of sticking out in saturated markets. Let’s get cracking!

    Reason 1: Speed matters!

    Optimizing performance for lightning-fast websites is one of the main benefits of creating a custom site. Not least because of the below super important fact:

    Faster website loading speeds directly correlate with higher conversions.

    Zooming lights flowing like a fast website

    Let’s say that again, “The faster my website loads, the more conversions it will generate for me”. Here is a collection of particularly interesting studies that highlight this:

    How slow loading speeds are losing you engagement, conversions and money .

    It doesn’t matter how stunning your website is, how many cool features it has, or whether you got a UX specialist to “optimise” the design of your site. If it doesn’t load instantly, people will either lose interest and go somewhere else, or they will get increasingly frustrated if they are forced to endure your sluggish speeds.

    In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, slow-loading websites can be a major turn-off for almost all users. But fear not! Thanks to custom-coding expertise, we can ensure that your website flies like a rocket! This is why I mainly use Astro to build sites, which is a modern framework that prioritises speed. By optimizing website performance and implementing efficient coding practices, custom coding websites enables me to deliver lightning-fast websites that captivate visitors and keep them engaged. Say goodbye to frustrated users and high bounce rates!

    Reason 2: Responsive design to reach your audience across all devices

    Mobile devices are now the primary means of accessing the internet. So, having a responsive website is no longer a luxury but an absolute necessity. Website builders have come a decent way to focus on making sites responsive, but the problem is they often only focus on about 2-3 breakpoints (i.e. 2-3 screen widths where they decide to change the design). There’s a plethora of screen sizes out there nowadays and unfortunately designing for just a handful of them and hoping that will create great mobile experiences doesn’t quite cut it.

    This often leads to sites which are either really ugly or just straight unusable on smaller devices. I’m not saying every site built with a website builder won’t work, people definitely do manage to make it work, but I definitely see a lot of room for error.

    The benefit of custom-coding sites is that you can have as many breakpoints as you want! Yay, breakpoints! Essentially what this means is as your web designer and developer, I can check the design through every single possible screen width within a minute and identify where there are problems in the responsiveness of a page. I can then make pin-pointed alterations to the design to make the design maintain its beauty and usability!

    I take pride in creating websites that adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and resolutions. With a responsive design, you can effortlessly reach and engage your audience on any device, delivering a consistent and delightful experience. Sounds pretty wonderful to be honest…

    An apple laptop, tablet and mobile to demonstrate different responsive web design screen sizes

    Reason 3: Enhancing user experience

    Let’s make sure that speedy responsive site is user-friendly.

    Websites that confuse users, have clunky interfaces or are difficult to navigate can be a real pain. While some templates available have had some user testing (well, at least I hope they do…), you’re trying to get the functions you need on your site to fit into someone else’s box.

    That’s where custom sites come in to save the day! If you hire a developer with expertise in user experience (UX) design (such as this one right here ), they can ensure that your website is intuitive, user-friendly, and optimised for a delightful browsing experience. This is because you get a tailored solution to your exact needs and customers. Rather than just “making it work”, with custom sites we can tailor the user experience to be enjoyable and seamless for everyone.

    By focusing on usability and intuitive interfaces, we can ensure visitors can easily find what they need and convert into loyal and happy customers. As I say “Great user experience must occur for a happy customer”. Joking, I never say that, but it is still true.

    Reason 4: Unleashing creativity with tailored solutions for unique brands

    In a world where convenience frequently comes at the expense of uniqueness, it’s critical to understand the limitations of one-size-fits-all themes and website builders. They may provide ease and simplicity, but they frequently limit creative freedom and fail to capture the soul of your brand.

    Custom coding provides complete design, functionality, and branding flexibility. Your website will be a true expression of your brand’s identity, meticulously developed and personalised to your precise vision. No more generic templates or cookie-cutter designs that fail to capture the soul of who you are, you get to have something with flair that really shows you or your business off.

    A website with a happy man on it.

    There are endless benefits to working with an actual human to design and build a site with your identity and branding in mind. While website builders offer a cheaper DIY option, for people who are after true creative freedom, bespoke functionality and unique experience, you just can’t beat a custom design and build!

    Reason 5: Simplifying content management

    Get empowered to take control of your site with a custom solution!

    It should not be difficult to manage the content of a website. With difficult or antiquated content management systems, many clients suffer. We’re at this really weird point in the content management landscape… Let me be direct and talk about the big obvious player, WordPress.

    Sometimes I feel we’re stuck in a bit of a loop. WordPress powers such a large portion of the internet so people are extremely used to WordPress and see it as the “go-to” solution. Then, because it’s so popular and a lot of people have used the content management back-end of the software, people are used to it and therefore opt for new sites to be built the same. And the loop continues, keeping us and future website owners all tethered to its overwhelming and lethargic back end…

    WordPress has done very cool things for the internet in making websites cheap and accessible for all, but let’s be honest, the content management experience is more well-known than well-done.

    There are far too many distracting tools, widgets and raging red notifications and alerts every time you log in to write a blog post or change an image. Overloaded content management systems are stressful and thus negatively impact the experience and relationship with your website. Due to website builders trying to accommodate everyone, they provide you with every possible tool.

    This sounds great in theory, but realistically it’s like if I asked you to fix something simple for me and I sent you to a whole workshop to find the tools you need, rather than just giving you the screwdriver you need from the start.

    A cluttered toolstation representing a overly complicated CMS

    Headless CMS comes and saves the day!

    A headless CMS (Content Management System) is essentially an admin interface we can attach to your website through custom code.

    You can easily develop, update, and organise your website material using a specially designed content management system that is suited to your individual needs. There are so many options with great features nowadays that are super efficient, have beautiful modern interfaces and allow unique customisability, so you only have the tools you actually need.

    And b r e a t h e… No more battling with difficult user interfaces or wasting hours attempting a straightforward modification. Take a breath and be in charge of your content to save time and stress.

    Reason 6: Fortifying security - safeguarding your online presence

    In an age of increasing cybersecurity threats, protecting your website and user data is of paramount importance.

    Generic platforms and pre-built templates can leave you vulnerable to breaches. This makes sense because if I was going to learn to pick locks so I could burgle houses, and I knew that 40% of houses used one particular lock, I would learn to break into that one rather than the unique lock that I’ve never seen before.

    Not to mention the whole “your site security is at risk please update your plugins” warning you get every couple of weeks. The good thing is many platforms are constantly working to make their users’ sites more secure.

    Therefore, custom sites protect themselves partially through individuality, but also being well-maintained systems developed and constantly improved by real technical boffins!

    By implementing robust security measures, following industry best practices, and staying up to date with the latest security standards, we can ensure that your website remains a fortress against potential threats. You can relax knowing that your sensitive information and your website users are safe and secure.

    Reason 7: Conquering search engines and boosting your online visibility

    Let’s get into one of today’s website buzzwords - SEO!

    People LOVE to talk SEO. It’s one of web developments many acronyms and a great one (Search Engine Optimisation, for those of you who haven’t received 2,000 emails or LinkedIn messages offering to boost your SEO…).

    A stunning website won’t yield any results (even if it is now super fast, user friendly and bespoke…) if it’s chilling on the third page of Google whenever anyone searches something relevant to your site.

    Someone with a poorly optimised site, sad, alone and waiting for someone to find them on page 3 of Google...

    To thrive in the digital realm, you need a website that shines on the first page in search engine rankings. By implementing SEO-friendly coding practices, optimizing website elements, and adhering to search engine guidelines, a custom site will enhance your website’s search visibility.

    Your SEO is automatically bolstered by all of the reasons 1-6 already covered in this article.

    “But Lucian, SEO is to do with stuffing my site with keywords related to my business. What does it have to do with all these other AMAZING features you’ve mentioned so far?”

    Well my friend, let me tell you.

    All of the above benefits create a custom site built by an actual developer is written in clean code according to practices that Google admires, respects and appreciates! Especially the fast loading speeds and good mobile experience.

    If you don’t believe me, you can read it for yourself straight from Google’s omnipresent digital mouth.

    Furthermore, custom sites allow a much more flexible and precise technical SEO approach as well as content-based SEO using those beloved keywords. But, this is a whole other topic (I will cover my 2-pronged SEO approach and how you can benefit at some point in the future).

    With improved organic search rankings, you’ll attract more targeted traffic, increase brand exposure, and achieve your online goals. Time to welcome some new customers!

    Reason 8: Seamless Integration for a unified online presence

    Your website is just one piece of the puzzle. Many clients require integration with various third-party services like payment gateways, CRM systems, and inventory management tools. As a custom-coding expert, I get numerous requests from clients asking if they can seamlessly integrate these systems into their websites.

    The answer depends. Am I building them a new custom site, or have they already got something set up on a power-hungry platform that has them locked into their services?

    Custom sites bring flexibility. The revolutionary Jamstack method (which is how I build my sites, often rave about on my LinkedIn page , and will also write an article on this soon) has brought a breath of fluidity to websites again.

    The combination of:

    • Fast and flexible static sites
    • API calls
    • A huge number of headless CMS options
    • More and more platforms offer developers seamless integrations and APIs

    All means your site can connect to the needs of your online presence like a precise web, everything connecting together effortlessly and seamlessly.

    A spider's web. Beautiful precision and intricacy, like a well-integrated (web)site...

    Website builders are still making a decent effort to connect your site with other services, but often need you to install a plugin that bloats your site or hire a developer anyway to insert some code in order for you to integrate your existing online presence altogether.

    The new age of websites is here and it’s brought us a beautifully balanced integrated online presence.


    Look, I’m not trying to have a pop at website builders or any platform like WordPress in particular. They all certainly have their place, are always getting better and will always be around. There are also plenty of platforms that I really enjoy using and I think offer a lot of flexibility (Shopify being one of them).

    There are many times when I think website builders are a good idea, and they are very helpful to those on a lower budget that like a bit of DIY (and don’t mind shouting at their computer in the process…).

    So I’m sorry if you love website builders and you took any offence from the above points - can we still be friends?

    As a freelance web designer and developer specialising in custom coding, I’m here to solve your most painful problems and help you unlock the full potential of your online presence. From blazing-fast websites and intuitive user experiences to unique branding and seamless integrations, I bring enthusiasm, creativity, and expertise to every project.

    I hope you gained some insight into the benefits of custom sites with this article. Do you know someone you think could really use a new custom site? If you think anyone could benefit from a custom site, please feel free to share this article with them, it could really help them!

    Let’s work together to create a website that stands out, delights users, and drives your success. Contact me today and let’s embark on an exciting journey together!

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