Portrait of Lucian Chevallier, a South-West London based web design and web developer

About Me

Freelance developer, full-time hype man

Who am I?

Founder of Lumin

I have always prided myself on being everyone’s hype man. I get so excited when I see someone following their passions and wanting to achieve what success means to them. That’s my why. I realised that designing and developing a website for someone to establish their online presence was the perfect medium for me to do this on a large scale.

So I founded Lumin, a web design, development & strategy business that creates dope websites for dope businesses. But, I’ve always aimed to be competent in many fields and skills. I love the creative side of life, but I also crave logic and practicality... I’m a real glutton for rationale and problem-solving which ended me up doing a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering!

Lucian Chevallier's desk setup while trying out the digital nomad lifestyle. A laptop, portable second screen and wireless keyboard and mouse.
“I love seeing people follow their passions. I want to show off your talent and passion in the best possible way.”
Red flowers and a butterfly - taken by Lucian Chevallier

I also love photography – Check out my Pexels profile to see more!

Lucian Chevallier photographing natural scenery using a Lumix DSLR camera
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Working globally with passion

My curiosity and appreciation bring life into my work. Whether it’s new tech, the people around me, problems faced by the world, or the beautiful things we are graced with on this planet - I get inspired, and so do my designs, ideas and solutions.

Try and stop me from learning a new skill as well... Whether it's copywriting or photography I can’t help myself but always learn new things. Basically - I like to do a lot in the most efficient way possible (us engineers love efficiency! Mmm efficiency...).

I’ve got real love for working with people, especially start-ups and growing businesses, so go check out my business Lumin - let’s start bigging you up online!

Let me hype you up. Your business deserves to be bragged about, and working with Lumin is the best way to do it – let's start.